Unlock the healing power within you!

Coaching, community, and an on-demand Academy that will equip and empower you to
experience breakthrough in your health and life.

Chronic illness is a difficult road.
You don’t have to navigate the journey alone.

Learn how to:

  • create simple, lasting changes in your daily habits that will begin to unlock your body’s healing potential
  • positively process through the traumatic thoughts and grief of chronic illness
  • pray through the wild, emotional roller coaster that chronic illness brings

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  • on-demand courses that will equip and empower you
  • keys you need to experience breakthrough in health & life
  • Encouragement and accountability in a private Facebook group with a like-minded community of people
  • live monthly Q&A time.  Ask me anything!
  • live monthly spiritual equipping sessions (group prayer)

Extremely limited availability

for those who need individual and ongoing support as you take a deep dive in learning to access and utilize every healing key available to you.

Meet The Chronic Illness Coach

Dafne Wiswell has spent twenty years studying and developing practical and spiritual strategies to help others unlock the healing potential that is already inside of them. For years she battled depression, anxiety, panic attacks, Hashimotos thyroiditis and the debilitating pain of rheumatoid arthritis. She discovered that changing the thoughts in her mind and the food on her plate could create powerful shifts in her physical body and the way she experienced life. She has been free of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and rheumatoid arthritis for more than ten years now. She’s helped hundreds of people unlock their healing potential. Breakthrough is possible for you, too!

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