Conquering Chronic Migraines with Tammy Rotzoll


If you struggle with migraines then this episode is going to fill you up with hope for a better, pain-free future.

In this conversation with my friend Tammy Rotzoll, host of The Faithful God podcast, she gets real and raw about how her migraines became so severe that they interfered with every area of her life.

She had to leave a career she loved, felt like she lost her identity, had struggles in her marriage, and thought like she was going to live the rest of her life in pain.

But God…

Tammy shares with us how the Bible was THE playbook that got her through these tough times as she dared to believe that she would be free from the pain migraines were causing her to endure.

She opens up about how she learned that peace and pain can co-exist, how she began to be really honest with God, and how she discovered that she could stand on God’s truth even when her circumstances didn’t immediately change.

When it comes to healing Tammy says, “You have to keep choosing, you have to keep participating.”

She has gone from experiencing 3-5 migraines a week to about that many in a month and she couldn’t be more excited to share that good news with us. Talk about miracles!

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