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What makes my Wellness Practice Different:

In my coaching practice, I empower clients to create their personal version of wholeness, by teaching them practical strategies, nutritional foundations, spiritual tools, and more.

I understand there’s a real tension between 
wanting to get better and waiting to get better  while you’re putting in the work, praying the prayers, and doing all the things that you’re “supposed” to do. Doctors, family and well-meaning friends are often generous with their advice but limited in their understanding of the daily battle you fight – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and more. You might often feel pressured, shamed, overwhelmed, or a wide array of so many other emotions, as you move toward your personal health and wellness goals. 
Don’t give up! No matter what test results or your physical circumstances look like, there is ALWAYS HOPE! 
I coach clients with a combination of the knowledge I’ve gained through twenty years of education, experience, and also very intimate “training” by the Holy Spirit. After all, God is the great physician and He knows what we need better than we (or anyone else) does. 
I would love the opportunity to meet with you, learn about your needs, pray with you, and discuss the possibility of forming a coach-to-client relationship. 

A little background about me:

In my lifetime I have personally struggled with rheumatoid arthritis, hashimotos thyroiditis, migraines, vertigo, anxiety and depression. Today, I’m free of all medications AND symptoms!

My dad was diagnosed with RA when I was 13.  I have kids with SPD, severe allergies, Type 1 diabetes, two forms of juvenile arthritis, TMJ, and more.  We very suddenly lost my mother-in-law to sepsis when she was only 66. I could go on. Doctors say my family history is “impressive”. Ha!

I am no stranger to autoimmune, chronic, or mental health conditions.
I know all about the physical, mental, relational, spiritual, and financial struggles that often go hand-in-hand with a diagnosis and the journey to healing.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

You're not alone. It's a common problem among those who are wading through the vast amounts of information available on the internet these days.

Do you struggle on a roller-coaster of emotions and energy levels?

Dealing with a chronic or autoimmune condition is non-stop and can often feel as though it consumes every waking thought and moment of your life. Digging deep to discover how you feel, what you fear, and what Jesus has to say about all those things can restore peace, hope and joy.

Are you ready to create your personal version of wholeness?

You may not believe this right now, but you truly have access to everything you need to create a life you love. A life filled with hope, energy, strength, joy, peace and so much more.

Let's get you started with an introductory consultation. During this time we will:

 – Discuss your biggest frustrations as you navigate life with chronic or autoimmune illness.
– Talk about your current #1 goal or priority.
– Identify a few small, actionable steps that you can implement right away.

Please note:
I cannot offer any kind of specific guidance for a long term plan during this brief introductory session. It is simply an opportunity for me to learn about your challenges, for you to learn about how I can help you, and for us to decide on a few simple steps you can take to get started on your wellness journey.

Usually $97 This week only $47

To book your consultation:

1. Select a day/time using the appointment calendar on this page. 2. Confirm your booking by making payment. 3. You'll receive an email confirmation of your scheduled time that will include the zoom link you will need to attend your consultation. 4. Save your confirmation email in case you need to cancel or reschedule your time. 5. Prepare for the consultation by having the zoom app downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer in advance. Then, settle into a quiet, distraction free space for our time together. 6. Relax and take some deep breaths! This time is for you and I am so looking forward to learning more about you and how I can serve you!

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