Meet the Team!

Jennifer Shook - Event Coordination & Prophetic Intercessor

Jennifer Shook is a wife, mom, and business owner. Her stories of trials and triumphs can bring a room of women to tears as she invites them to bring the most authentic version of themselves to the conversation. What shines brightest about her, though, is her ability to see people the way God sees them, to speak truth about their identity into them, and to edify and encourage anyone who feels like they've been dropped into a pit of despair. She imparts hope, wisdom and light into every woman who crosses her path.

Cynthia Yates - Hospitality Team & Prophetic Intercessor

Cynthia Yates is a wife, mother, grandmother and spiritual mom to many. She and her husband co-own a construction business that has been successful for 30+ years. Cynthia has a heart to build up communities of women who feel safe, seen, heard and known. Traumas in her childhood, marriage, and mothering journey could have shaken her faith. Instead, she keeps looking to Jesus for hope, peace, and comfort. She will inspire you to do the same!

Sabrina Hammonds - Hospitality Team & Prophetic Intercessor

Sabrina is a wife and mother of four. She is passionate about the stories and testimonies of others and loves to help others to see the power of their story. This passion is interwoven in her business, Kingdom Connections Podcast & Media Agency. She partners with women entrepreneurs who want to reach more with their message and have a greater impact. Through prayer and intercession, she is able to help women expand the borders of their business and reach the nations through many podcast guesting opportunities. She would love the opportunity to pray with you, encourage you, and remind you of who you are as a Daughter of the King.

Jessica Rapoport - Ministry Team

Jessica Rapoport is a single mother of three daughters, an educator, and most recently, an ordained minister. Her walk with the Lord began at a very young age (after she was kidnapped at six years old) and deepend through a painful divorce. This led her on a quest to examine how her fears affected her life and about how she could help others struggling with fear. In this quest, she discovered a simple but hardly examined truth…that we are spiritual beings experiencing what it is to be human and when we receive this revelation, the veil is lifted off our eyes and we begin to experience the mind of Christ. This journey to understanding who we really are as spiritual beings and the difference between for now and forever can bring peace even in the most painful experiences. She is now in the process of writing a book on faith over fear, and conducting workshops to help others to live a courageous and victorious life. She loves fellowshipping with people and believes that we are all called to live courageously and victoriously with God’s grace and guidance.

Dafne Wiswell - Founder

Dafne Wiswell is a wife, coach, author, podcaster, and mom to three (adult) kids with multiple chronic, autoimmune, and mental health diagnoses. Her own struggles with autoimmune disease (including struggling with her faith after so many diagnoses) led her to become certified in integrative nutrition and begin studying God's word to see what He has to say about health and wellness when it comes to our bodies and minds.

Her personal journey of study and leaning in to the Lord led to her being completely set free from rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and more. However, having children who are still in the midst of all that goes into dealing with an invisible illness, she often says she lives "in this place between mystery and miracles". The last two decades of her life have not looked anything like she imagined they would. The "test" has become her testimony and has filled her with compassion for anyone who is suffering. She is passionate about "building a bridge" to connect women who have walked similar paths. That is why the REVIVE retreat exists. She absolutely cannot wait to meet you, hug you, and pray with you!

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