The Chronic Illness Coach

A guide to less weight, less pain, more energy, more hope, and creating a life you love – without the frustration and overwhelm of diet culture.

You need a guide to overcome the frustration of trying to lose weight or get healthier.

You’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own, not getting answers from doctors or lab tests, and feeling frustrated as you wonder what in the world you should eat because you’ve.tried.EVERYTHING! One article or doctor says eat keto, another says plant-based is best. You’re ready to pull your hair out because you’ve gone years without seeing progress. What if I told you there was a much simpler way?

Tell me if this is you:

  • You know something isn’t right but you don’t feel like any of your health practitioners are listening or helping. You just want some real guidance from someone who cares!
  • You’ve tried so many different things with no success that you’ve developed an unhealthy fear/anxiety around food.
  • You want to start cooking and eating healthier but with so much conflicting information out there you feel confused about what that even means.
  • You struggle to find time to take care of you because there is so much else that needs to get done (and so many other people to take care of).
  • You lack the energy you need just to get through today so you’ve stopped daring to dream about the future.
  • Despite your best efforts you can’t get the extra pounds off.


 a six week course guiding you on a holistic journey of dropping pounds, increasing energy  & digging up deep root causes of the struggles you’ve faced. It’s time to get your life back!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to create a simple, personalized routine that blesses your body and promotes a state of healing in your cells
  • Potential underlying causes of health issues/weight gain that you may not be aware of
  • Foods and supplements that can really boost your healing potential 
  • How you can continue to enjoy foods you love on your journey
  • Ingredients you can sub into recipes to make them healthier but still delicious
  • How to advocate for yourself with your health professional
  • How to shift the narrative in your head so you can overcome negative self-talk and step into your abundant life
  • How to empower yourself to sustain a lifestyle that boosts your metabolism, your mood, and your health as you continue on your journey

Course Modules:

Module One: Bless Your Body

It’s not just about food! In this module you’ll discover 12 simple ways you can get your body back into alignment with healing. 

Module Two: Raising Your Awareness

Learn how to become more aware of the signals your body sends you. It’s speaking to you all the time you just need to know how to listen and respond. 

Module Three: Root Cause Research

Discover three potential root causes of weight gain and health problems that so many people are not aware of!

Module Four: Enjoying Foods You Love ❤️ 

Learn how you can continue enjoying foods you love. No deprivation. No waiting for cheat days. These simple solutions will empower you to sustain your momentum as you develop a personalized approach to your health journey.

Module Five: Increasing Your Energy

Let’s take a deep dive look at primary and secondary foods. You’ll walk away understanding  five simple things you can put into action to experience more physical and mental energy in your life.

Module Six: Becoming an Overcomer

Learn the secret sauce strategy you need to overcome weight struggles, health issues, and any other obstacle blocking you from living the life you desire.

This was the best money I have ever spent on myself. The Overcomer course with Dafne opened my eyes. She emphasized the importance of blessing your body, mind and spirit. Plus, loads of specific, practical information. If you are on the fence…jump! You will not be sorry!! Dafne really knows what she is talking about and has lived it. Please do this ONE thing for yourself!

Sharon Wolfe

What I love about working with Dafne is that nothing she teaches ever feels overwhelming. I love how she incorporates baby steps and reminds me that I don’t have to change everything all at once.

Sabrina Hammonds

The very first module spoke straight to my soul. It was all the things I knew and wanted in one place. The compassion and conviction combined with the knowledge that Dafne provides brought me a deep breath of peace and realization of exactly why God nudged me to purchase this course. I am giving myself permission to be healthy.

Amy Matejek

The approach Dafne takes in Overcomer is different from anything I’ve ever experienced. The first week was pretty transformational for me because she helped me change my mindset about food and weight loss. What’s different about Overcomer is that I’m actually taking the tools one at a time and implementing them so the changes are gradual in order to build upon for long-term success. Some of the changes that I have experienced are sleep improvement, less physical pain throughout the day, and I have lost 10 pounds since starting it. After just a few weeks, I feel empowered and energized and believe that I can finally change my appearance and how I feel.

Tricia Jones

Working with Dafne has helped me manage my all or nothing approach. For me it was orange juice every day or none at all and I chose every day – it was organic and healthy if I ignored the sugar.  By embracing baby steps in reaching health and wellness goals, Dafne challenged me to reduce not eliminate orange juice entirely. Since participating in Overcomer, I have slowly increased my water intake; learnt a simple way of including fish in my weekly diet at first 1x per week and now 2x per week; and decreased my juice from every day to every weekend to one time or less per month.

Lynne Brown

Go at your own pace with full lifetime access to:

+ 6 weekly video modules

+ downloadable worksheets to track progress


+ food lists to help you put simple, healthy meals together FAST

+ private FB community

+ FREE holiday cooking guide with recipes for gluten, dairy and sugar free favorites!

Single payment of $97 $49

learn at your own pace with pre-recorded modules in the online classroom. you keep access to it all forever!

printable guides, progress trackers and journals included

interact with a supportive group of like-minded overcomers

I used to struggle with depression, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, vertigo and so much more. It’s all gone! I believe YOU can overcome your struggles, too.

I vividly remember standing in the grocery store and crying my eyes out for hours trying to decipher labels and make better food decisions after my first diagnosis almost 18 years ago. I didn’t have a guide or anyone to help me. I was confused, overwhelmed, and scared! I don’t want you to go through any of your struggles alone. You were created to enjoy a life free of sickness, fear, doubt, and hopelessness. Don’t believe me? Read John 10:10.

It is my honor and pleasure to walk alongside every client who puts their trust in me as I guide them along their path to pick up their keys, unlock their healing, and overcome everything standing in the way of living life to its fullest! My prayer is that you will believe that’s possible for your own life with just the smallest mustard seed of faith. He did the “impossible” with me. I believe He’ll do it with you. Let me show you what that looks like.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course take?

The course contains six pre-recorded modules that total about 4.5 hours in length. There are several bonus modules that would add about 2 hours to your learning + additional resources and links for you to deepen your understanding. The bonuses and additional resources are optional. You can consume the course in six weeks or take your time and go slower. You have access to the content forever!

How can I access the content?

You may access the course via the online classroom from your phone, tablet or desktop. 

How long will I have access to the Facebook group?

The Overcomer Facebook Community will remain open and you’re welcome to pop into the group as often as you’d like!

What if I don’t have Facebook?

I understand that social media isn’t for everyone. The Facebook community is an optional bonus and not required to participate in the course. You will still have access to all course content.

What if I change my mind?

Due to the nature of digital sales there are no refunds on Overcomer.

Do I need to buy other products?

I’ll be sharing information about products and services I use and love but none of them are required.

What if I have other questions?

Send an email to:

+ 6 weekly video modules

+ downloadable worksheets to track progress

+ food lists to help you put simple, healthy meals together FAST 

+ private FB community 

+ FREE holiday cooking guide with recipes for gluten, dairy and sugar free favorites!

Single payment of $97 $49