The Beauty of Your Body’s Natural Immunity with Special Guest Heather Bedard

I’m so excited to introduce you to my wise friend, Heather Bedard, in this episode!

Listen in as we chat about the body’s incredible ability to heal all by itself when it’s given the right tools. You’re going to be so inspired to start learning about more ways to support your body’s natural immunity.

Reach out to Heather or me if you have any questions. We LOVE connecting with people about this kind of stuff!

About Heather: She is a wife and mom of four, who is passionate about helping people feel confident and informed in their medical decisions. Her conviction that our bodies are beautifully designed to be healthy, and that there had to be more out there than the traditional medical wisdom, led her to getting her certification in Health Education. Heather travels the country with her family as she seeks to bring a message of hope and peace to others needing the confidence to break out of the medical mill and into a life of freedom.

Connect with Heather:
Facebook: Dynamic Health Freedom
Instagram: Dynamic Health Freedom

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