Chronic illness is a difficult road.
You don’t have to navigate the journey alone.


Let me hand you a few of the keys you'll need to unlock your healing potential.

a safe space

You have permission to process through every emotion, thought and question that comes up during our time together.


We'll create a realistic strategy plan, that takes your lifestyle and support systems into consideration, for you to achieve your goals.


Learn easy changes you can implement in your nutrition to see massive shifts in the way you feel. (No crazy diet plans here!)


Exchange your old, worn out lenses (ways of viewing your circumstances) for new ones so you can overcome every obstacle.

compassionate communication

We'll dive into how your self-talk affects the way your body, mind and spirit respond to your every day challenges.


Don't walk your journey alone. Receive ongoing support between sessions so you can continuously build momentum.

Pay monthly:

One-time payment $537

Pay monthly:

One-time payment $967

Pay monthly:

One-time payment $1,697

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Happy Clients!

The Chronic Illness Coach

Dafne Wiswell has spent twenty years studying and developing practical and spiritual strategies to help others unlock the healing potential that is already inside of them. For years she battled depression, anxiety, panic attacks, Hashimotos thyroiditis and the debilitating pain of rheumatoid arthritis. She discovered that changing the thoughts in her mind and the food on her plate could create powerful shifts in her physical body and the way she experienced life. She has been free of anxiety, depression, panic attacks and rheumatoid arthritis for more than ten years now. She’s helped hundreds of people unlock their healing potential. Breakthrough is possible for you, too!